Sunday, October 17, 2010

Things Hard to Swallow

Do you ever have things in life that you find "hard to swallow", as they say? When I saw this Blue Heron and the way his neck is crooked, I wonder if he ever has problems swallowing things at times.

You know the hard to swallow concepts, ideas or opinions that just seem so far out there that you can't wrap your mind around them and figure out where someone is coming from. I find that at times they make no sense at all. For example, all the hoopla about Michelle Obama's upper arms. Now if I had good looking upper arms like that, you can bet I'd wear sleeveless dresses too! And I have read how she works out to get those upper arms. Now if that is her thing, God bless her. But the hoopla of all the people out there saying that she, as the First Lady, should not be dressed like that. I guess there must be Presidential/First Lady Fashion Police out there whose job it is to discuss, place judgement and ridicule things like that. Evidently that is their main job.

I recently had to ask a friend, a self-proclaimed Christian, to stop sending the hate emails to me regarding the current administration, immigrants and Muslims. Again, why? Do you have nothing else to do in life, but to criticize those who are different from you. I asked what he was afraid of and he said he was afraid of nothing. I then said if your money, possessions and guns were taken away, would you feel the same? I just don't see where Jesus of the Christian religion packed a gun or told us to do so. There just are some things that I just don't understand and find hard to swallow and wrap my mind around. Some things just don't seem logical. I don't understand how blanket emails can be sent saying the reason we are in such horrible financial straights in our country is due to all the money we pay out to illegal immigrants. Really? Do you really think that? Are you keeping a running tally of every dime that is spent, have you got inside information that the rest of us don't have....or.....

Do these mindless emails just get sent as a way to express anger about something else within (because on some level you have an axe to grind about something) and shoot it to all those on our list that will join your herd mentality of anger. A friend and I are going to paint black spots on dry white beans, put them in a plastic bag, and market them as "instant herd", for those who want to be part of one. I don't think all the anger that is being expressed "out there" right now is about the current administration, the Muslims, or illegal immigrants. I think if they began writing about their anger and wrote, and wrote, and wrote....they might get to the bottom of a lot of what they feel....powerless and scared perhaps and probably what everyone would feel powerless and scared about is something different. I always felt wars were nothing but young men going to war because of old men's fears. There is nothing wrong with feeling powerless and scared, as long as you take it to the next level, and that is surrender....just surrender to those feelings and then perhaps, WHAT YOU FEAR WILL NOT COME UPON YOU. You aren't going to die because you feel powerless or scared....but you will a result of the anger you are camped out in and the effects that can have on the body. I just don't think anyone thinks when they send those emails out. That is poopin' in our American nest...please is getting very smelly!

Perhaps it is our grandparents saying that, "idle hands are the devil's workshop," is the case here. Are we a country of so many conveniences that we have too much time on our hands to think up these "awfulisms"....and then we pass them on ???? Just think about what you pass on...."Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable--if anything is excellent or praiseworthy--think about such things"....from Philippians. I think the key is if it is ADMIRABLE.....EXCELLENT AND PRAISEWORTHY. We live in a beautiful country, filled with many beautiful people....let's keep it beautiful.

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