Saturday, January 9, 2010

Follow your beak!

This Anhinga gives us a lesson about life....follow your beak....follow what you know.


This Limpkin was enjoying the afternoon looking for whatever he eats out of the swampy area of the park, he was wandering in, in Largo FL. He just stood and waited to have his picture taken, as I stood on the walkway above him.

Even Gulls follow a different drummer!

As these Gulls "paint" the railing their own way...don't you wonder why one is headed in another direction? Perhaps he was going down the "road less traveled" or "following the different drum" in his thoughts. How much better off we all would be if we followed our own intuitive ways rather than the "herd thoughts" of the masses.

Everyone has a bad hair day

Even birds have bad hair days! This one's feathers, however, are supposed to be like that....and of course, she/he thinks her "hair" is beautiful just the way it is. We all have something to learn from this beautiful Egret...we, too, are beautiful just the way we are.

Passion Flower

So often on our path in life, we come across things that take our breath away and bring tears to our eyes. The Passion Flower did just that when I saw it growing wild along the road in Tennessee. When I brought one if the flowers back in the car to look more closely at it, I wept...wept at its beauty.... and the work of art that is was. This one was taken while strolling through the garden area of Home Depot. You just never know when something is going to catch your eye and need to be captured.

Warming his feet

Often times, if we don't walk slow enough in life, we miss the most this dragon fly resting on the warm iron work of a plant hanger. He stayed there for the longest if waiting to have his picture taken. His wings are so intricate lace weaving.

Saturday, January 2, 2010


Even dogs meditate.

Tree toes

Sometimes you see things in the woods that remind you of other things.

Manuel Antonio Beach, Costa Rica

This is one of the most beautiful, quiet beaches I have ever seen. The sunset over the Pacific such a treat.