Sunday, January 18, 2009


As I greet another weekend, I am reminded of what is ahead this inauguration of another President.  However, this President is one that I feel has an appointed leadership that is very monumental for our time.  That leadership is acknowledging and speaking about the fact that we are all one and keeping that in mind when making decisions.

This message of oneness is one I received after the Twin Towers fell in NY.  It was after that when I wrote, "United", which you can read in my book.  You know that after receiving that poem, I felt that my poetry was channeled..or from a higher source speaking through me.  Much of that poem's message had been part of my soul...especially of "one color" and others, replacing those pieces of "separateness" that linger within my own being.

I decided to leave work at 10 on Tuesday, as I want to view the inauguration.  I've never felt like I have wanted to watch one before, but this one seems different.  This one represents a beginning of being heard from the bottom up...rather than from the top down.  It is truly a time for change...a time to be heard.  My only hope that others in government and society may "catch" his vision and leadership, so that we can all go forward toward a time of peace. 

We, as individuals, and as a country, have had...and have...a listening problem.  We don't really hear and understand one another.  We don't ask questions, or take the time to really listen, to come to a place of "oneness" and true understanding of "walking a mile in the other man's moccasins."  We only ask questions to affirm our own agendas, our own beliefs, and our own histories...and affirm our separateness.  I am as guilty of this at times as the next one.  We first, however, need to listen to the separateness within...those aspects of ourselves that separate us from the love that we are.

This is truly a time for change...a change for all of us...if we choose to "accept this mission"...that often feels like Mission Impossible!  We need to hear...and we need to be all of us represent a fractured family that has forgotten that we are "one", both as a nation, and in our own families.  Whether we choose to be a part of that change...a shift in still to be determined.  Our history, however, shows that the "other way" has not worked.  So, in this New Year, may we all be a part of the change that heads in a different direction, so that our house divided will not fall, but be built on a firm foundation.  

Sending heart hugs to you, embracing the Spirit that you are.