Sunday, October 4, 2009


This gardenia is wet after a late afternoon shower in Florida's Sandpiper Club Med's garden.

The air, humid after the rain, allowed the intense fragrance of the gardenia to hang suspended in the air to enjoy.

Morning Light

A flower, from the gardens of the Unitarian Universalist Church in Clearwater FL, taken early morning.


There is nothing like a lotus in bloom...the waxiness of its petals and the birth of its seed pod.

A spot along the way

This picture was taken along the walking trail in Lambertville NJ. If you are one who believes in garden elves and fairies....this looks like a place that they might rest for a while from their work.

All in a bee's day's work

When I visited Lambertville NJ at the end of August, I took my normal morning walk before everyone had risen for the day. I was amazed....the bees were busy working over all the flowers in town....different from the other times I had done my morning walks. Of course, it was a different time of the year I was there too.

Many of the Lambertville homes have such lovely gardens. They give you the feel that you'd like to find a place to sit awhile, and allow their flowers and the garden's environment to envelope you. Other's front entryways seem to speak, of what seems, the home owner's personality and give you such a welcoming unspoken greeting.

I love my early morning small town walks. There is such beauty at that time of day.