Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sunday, August 3, 2008

A garden stroll

Mr Blue Heron surveying his fishing territory!

This leaf looks too done and crispy for me!

Nap Time at Lowery Park Zoo in Tampa

A Mothering Heart by Nancy Jean

A mothering heart knows no gender
A mothering heart knows no age
Hearts of tenderness and Love's sweet mercy
Imprints of compassion upon life's page.
A mothering heart bleeds for suffering
Wanting to right the wrongs it sees
Reaching out to lift life's burdens
Stretching far to meet other's needs.
A mothering heart can rise in anyone
Smooth healing balm upon other's lives
We each need touches from a mother
To walk life's journey and feel alive.

Creation by Nancy Jean

How powerful we seem to be..
Creating things by you and me..
Some are good and some are gooder...
Some need footnotes to be understooder!
Some we need to uncreate...
Box them up and ship them "Freight"
To some off island in the sea...
Not what we wanted life to be...
But then create again we go...
We are powerful 'bout that, you know..
So be careful what you make
In life's oven...your thoughts you bake!