Sunday, November 28, 2010

Where Have I Been?

A month has passed since my last post I just noticed. Where have I been? How did I lose a month and not realize it? What have I been doing? Do you ever lose track of time...weeks of time? I'm sure at this time of year many of us lose track of where we are. This time seems to be a time of confusion among all of us...not just me...and not just because of the holidays. Have I been in such an "accomplishment" mode, that when I am not "accomplishing", I don't feel of value? Besides, are the accomplishments that I have accomplished of any value in the grand scheme of things? You know....a 100 years from now are these accomplishments going to be of any worthwhile value?

Where are we going now...where are we headed? I have at times felt like I'm an egg in the many scrambled egg mixture being beat up. Sometimes I feel beat up....really beat up. Sometimes I don't know what the "next right step" will be, and yet, I keep putting one foot in front of the other. There were times in my life when I felt like I knew where I was headed. This is not one of those times. The things that have been done previously feel outdated or do not work. In listening to the news, our governmental system seems to be saying the same thing. The Democrats didn't like what the former administration did, so we changed. And now, the Republicans don't like what is happening in the current administration, and so we changed in this election also. We keep changing back and forth, back and forth....but the methods have not changed...they've been the same for ions. So what are the answers? Where are we headed? Or is this just me feeling this way?

The attached picture kind of reminds me of where I want to be....out of the water for a moment, to take stock of what is going on in life...a regrouping time. I found it interesting about the perhaps many generations, many species of turtles on the drainage pipe that day. It reminded me of the grandfathers perhaps....and the fathers....mothers...and the children....all observing life from a different perspective...all with a different take on it. It seems to be a time we need to listen to every one's take on life. We all have our perspective, and all have a measure of truth in what we have to offer. The mission is to sort the truth out for ourselves, not just because someone else has said it is the truth. We have to listen to what resonates within ourselves. The only true journey is the journey within, it is said....and that is to listen, and "to thy own self be true."

This seems to be a time where I find myself asking for knowledge, wisdom and discernment to live life, as I don't know the way right now, or am not feeling confident about what I have done in the past and its success in the "now". I'm not looking for anyone else to tell me...because then it is "their truth", but I need to listen to my own inner voice, the voice of wisdom for me, for my next right step. We need a fresh new vision. As we bring our visions to the collective table, perhaps we can chart out a new direction for humanity.