Sunday, September 7, 2008

Somewhere on the road between Santa Fe and Taos NM

How can you capture such depth and magnificence of can't!  It is only something that can be truly photographed by the eye and saved in your soul!

Chief Greeter outside Harry's Roadhouse, Santa Fe NM

If you are ever in the Santa Fe NM area, be sure to stop in and be greeted by this Chief at Harry's Roadhouse on the Old Las Vegas Highway.  Guy, from Diners, Drive-ins and Dives has given it his stamp of approval and the food and atmosphere is outstanding.  You will never see the parking lot empty from early morn till evening! 

Sacred Heart Catholic Church - Nambe Pueblo NM

   I was so fascinated by everything that I saw and experienced on a recent visit to Santa Fe, NM.  It is truly "The Land of Enchantment" and I do hope to return.
   This church is an example of the adobe style of construction that you see all over and that blends in with the landscape, rather than stands out. Notice the simplicity of its lines and the rain spout coming off the roof to carry the sometimes torrential downpours.  
     It was like going to a different country.  Just everything was new and exciting...the colors...the food...the atmosphere...the people...and the feel of Spirituality that permeates every location. 
    Rising early in the morning at my daughter's home and walking outside of their home on the side of a mountain 4 miles outside of Santa Fe, I felt as if I wanted to whisper when I spoke, so as not to disturb the sacredness of the space.  I had never experienced that feeling anywhere else in the States.  I felt as though I was in a scared ceremony and must remain reverent of the circle.
   Being in the Santa Fe/Taos area, was like riding through life in the highest SUV you can imagine and being able to see the world from a higher place, compared to riding in a Corvette, here in FL and seeing things only at that level.  I had such a sense of the smallness of myself compared to this land where we live.  There is nothing that can describe its expansiveness and beauty.