Monday, October 11, 2010

"Sometimes love is for a moment, sometimes love is for a lifetime,
sometimes a moment is a lifetime." Martin Luther King do you adapt to change? I know how I adapt. I write....and I write and I write and I write and I write some more until I get it all out of me. I write about how I feel about the change, I write about what I don't feel about the change and in between those thoughts, I might write about the things I have to do that day...take a book back to the library, work out at the gym after work, go to the grocery store....just write and write and write and write and write until I get empty...until there is nothing more to say...kind of like I am writing right now...not paying attention to punctuation or grammar....who's just for me.....just writing and writing and writing. I find then I become an empty vessel where other thoughts and feelings have a way of entering my soul. It is my soul that is talking as I write and write and write and write and write. This isn't school....we are not being graded on what we write or how we write....we just write. It is better if you do it long hand...get one of those juicy gel pens that just flow on the page... and don't write on the computer. There is something about doing it long hand that has another level of if your words are art on a page....and it is your art...your expression on life's page. Don't worry about your penmanship. It is not even important if you can go back and read it.....the thing that is important is to let it flow.....and keep flowing...don't stop....just keep writing and writing and writing...even if you say, "I can't think of anything to write,"....write that down too. It is a cleansing of your soul. Picture yourself cleaning a room of your soul. You you do a thorough cleaning of a room, for example. You move everything out....clean the floors, the walls, the window, and the woodwork.....and sometimes you may even find treasures in the corners that you thought you had lost....or a special article or magazine that you wanted to keep.....

Then you move back in the things that you want....the things that are important....the things that have value. And sometimes, when I move things back in, I put them in a different place...kind of like looking at the change in the relationship or situation from a different prospective.....a fresh new thought...that comes like a breath of fresh feng shui of the soul. Put your thoughts in a new position...a new location....perhaps you decide you didn't like that piece of thought furniture anyway. Now how can you do that unless you clean out all your "thought furniture, belief carpets and memory drapes" from your soul. Move everything out.....clean house. Write until you get down to the little kid space with no expectations, and everything just "is"....that innocence....that wonder about life.

You can do this about everything that bothers you. You can do it at any time of day, no matter where you are. You can carry a little notebook around that is just for you and Spirit....just where you write about your inner most thoughts, even if it is about emptying the cat box when you get home...or cleaning the bathroom....or anything....just write it down...or I am stuck in a traffic jam and nothing is moving.....just write and write and write.

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