Saturday, October 9, 2010

New Beginnings

Morning, such beautiful time of reflection and quiet. I love the mornings where I look to the day with hope and new beginnings. Another day to be in the "now" of life, as this little one was one morning when I went out the door to work. Evidently he had had his daily bath in my bird bath, and was beginning to start his day, a new beginning. He almost looks as though he has a smile on his face, doesn't he, anticipating what life has to bring? I just had to set my things down and capture that moment.

A friend at work and I were talking just yesterday about relationships. He has had some rather painful times in his relationship when things have been said that were hurtful and painful. He recently went away for a couple of weeks to attend a wedding back home. He talked about how he missed his mate while he was gone and how everything he was doing, he kept thinking...I wish he was here to share it with me. We talked about how if you want to have good relationships, you really need to leave the yesterdays and tomorrows out of the picture. The yesterdays can be riddled with things that were not peaceful and loving days we want to remember. Looking to the future, with all the expectations that we want to create in it, can bring premeditated resentments when the future does not turn out the way we expect.

The now of life is where Spirit is and dwells. Getting to the "now" is a process...a process of bringing yourself back to the now. Sometimes we split off from being in the now, because something happens in the "now" that is too painful to feel or experience. Or we may find ourselves so far down the road of the future in expectations of how it will or should be. I know for myself, on my process to get to the now, I had to go back and get the "me" I left at those times. I had to embrace those circumstances and feelings that happened, as a part of my reality, and love them, as it was part of my "nows" that I did not want to accept as real. I also had to go to the one who was so far down the road in expectations, that she was way ahead of Spirit and rushing life.

Sometimes I find it helpful if I close my eyes and picture myself as that person, in that time and space that I am running from or to, like a stranger that I am observing. I look at her, look at what she had experienced or wants to experience, hear the things she is saying, without her talking. After observing her till I had get the full picture in my mind, I then go to her, as someone who had been hurt or is not being heard about what she wants or needs. I put my arms around her and just hold her to my heart. Sometimes, I break down and cry. Sometimes, all she was needs is just to be heard, as on some level I had not heard what she was experiencing or wants in life. I find those times most healing. Sometimes I find I need to write in my journal either before to get to a place of willingness to even go there. I often write in my journal after, as a way of cementing in my mind the touching of each other's lives in that special way that day. I don't know why it is much easier to envision it as a separate person, but it is, and it works...and brings freedom from the past, or from our expectations for the future. I guess it really is a place of separateness within me that I am experiencing. It seems to then integrate those parts of me and bring a sense of one-ness to my soul.

Love those parts of yourself today that either hurt from the past....or from a "future" that is not happening the way, or as fast, as you had planned. That way you can come into the now..the now where Spirit is. And you can make it today, no matter what you need to matter what you need to embrace. You are a courageous soul to even have come to this plane of life. You will reach a place of saying, "So what!" That will not be said in a sarcastic way, but in a freeing way like picking yourself out of the disappointment heap you have found yourself in....dusting yourself off, and walking into the next moment of life and all the miracles that it can bring. It is a new day and you can make it!

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