Sunday, August 8, 2010

You are almost there!

Wherever "there????" might be...which in reality is the next moment of life in that statement..something in the future! I received that message on a Facebook fortune cookie.

There was a moment in time where I would have clung to that "you are almost there" as hope, being in a space at the time that felt so hopeless and not where I wanted to "be"....and yet life goes on, as it always has, bringing its joys, its sorrows and all the various complexity of feelings that "life is". I clung to the feeling that there was a brighter day or a new tomorrow. And yet it kept me from today and all its "presence of beingness".

Now I trust the "there" in God, or whatever presence you call that entity in time and space which is bigger than us.... knowing whatever happens in the "there", I will "be" and I am... and for me, "God is". Have a great day in your "beingness"!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing this, Nancy. I needed to read your message today.