Monday, August 16, 2010

Peace Lily

I seem to read so much lately stating protests about the mosque possibly being built at Ground Zero. I would like to suggest a non-denominational building for the purpose of remembrance of all the people and all the faiths represented in those who lost their lives that day. This building would have no religious symbols in it or on it, but just be a sacred hall where one could pay homage to those who perished, maybe have pictures of all who died there..perhaps a picture from their childhood. Call it a remembrance building for lack of a better term, leave all the religious symbols out of it...they only separate...they do not unite. We were united that day... united in our suffering. There were people of all faiths, all colors, all nationalities who lost their lives....everyone with their own personal story of why they were there that day and why they found themself in the US. The bottom line is they were all children of someone....and all children of one Creator. Their parents may be who they "came through", but their lives didn't "just happen". Perhaps if we saw each one as a child, our heart would soften our differences. Separate the behaviors of those who piloted those planes and picture them as human beings gone astray because of wounds to their hearts, however, them feeling totally justified in their position. Why return hatred with hatred....where does that get us? Somebody's got to take the high road. Have we become so callous that we don't notice when another soldier dies or another person loses their life on our streets, because of differences. Our best thinking over many years has brought us to where we are today. Are any of us happy with it? Does it work? Do we need to see more bloodshed to wake up and say "THIS IS NOT WORKING"? I wonder how the parent, of all of us children, feels to look at the sibling rivalry that goes on here on earth? We all came from Love, are here to love and it is each of our own responsibility to move in that direction, clean up our own room in the house, and not wait for someone else to make the first move. We seem like a bunch of teenagers that are saying, "Look at what he did, or she did, (finger pointing) and I'm not going to do this or that....why should I have to?!!" There is not one of us who created this world, so who do we think we are to be capable to "run it." Have a natural disaster happen and that truth comes home quickly! (Maybe I need to ask my neighbor or someone else if they would be responsible for making the sun come up tomorrow morning...what do you think?) We have forgotten who we really are....let us work together at remembering our common heritage instead of the dots on the map where we were born.

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